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Rack and Pinion Press No. 3/6
No. 3 / 6

Rack and Pinion Press No. 5
No. 5

From 1.6 kN to 2.5 kN 
Throat depth from 65 mm to 200 mm 
Working height from 60 mm to 600 mm

Do you need a long stroke and a constant force progression for assembly processes? Then,SCHMIDT® Rack-and-Pinion Presses are just the right choice.


  • Long stroke 
  • Linear force progression 
  • Precise adjustment of the press depth via hardened lower stop
  • Honed bores and ground rams provide a long service life and a precise guidance

Applications :

  • Insertion of bushes, axles and bearings into housings or deep bores
  • Assembly of components with large installation heights
  • Deformation over long paths
  • Sensitive "fingertip" work

Press Head No. 1/2
Press Head No.1/ 2

Press Head No.1 and No.2 have a ground guidance plate and Teflon- coated adjustable gibs for precise and torsion-proof guidance.

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