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Parts Supplying Devices

parts feederParts feeder is a device to arrange and supply the parts. It is indispensable for automatic assembling equipment.
Stable supply of the parts is the essence of the automatic manufacturing equipment. Our parts feeder is capable of judging the shape of parts with high accuracy, making it possible to carry out stable arrangement and feeding operation of parts.





Spring Feeder

Until recently, separation, arrangement and feeding of coil springs were considered extremely difficult, and this fact has been the principal obstacles for the stable operation of automatic manufacturing equipment.
Thanks to our unique separation and arrangement system, our spring feeder can separate, arrange and supply to the assembly point without causing damage or deformation even extremely small springs ( 0.5mm diameter minimum ) that cannot be handled by human hands.
Standard escapements are available for the assembly situations. 
*Patents Granted





Bowl Feeder

For automated manufacturing equipment, stable supply of the parts is essential.
Our bowl feeder has high transfer efficiency and its small vibration secures high stability and long life. Further, highly accurate detection of the small parts is possible.







Inline Feeder

Inline FeederThe transfer of parts from bowl feeder to assembling equipment is also an important factor for the stability of the entire unit.
Our inline feeder can provide sufficient transfer speed even though its vibration is small just like in the case of our bowl feeder. The connection with escape unit allows very stable parts transfer, as it does not affect the posture of the parts as in the case of conveyer.








Bulk Hopper

Bulk HopperThis hopper adopts newly designed horizontal trough. Therefore, it does not generate vibrations more than required and the parts in the hopper can be fed quiet and stably. No trouble inside the hopper is seen.
As we have several sizes depending on the bowl feeder size, it is possible to use it as integrated unit in the line.
As we have three standard types For types other than the standard type, please get in touch with us.












Bulk Conveyer

Bulk ConveyerThis is a movable and inclined type conveyer, adopting belt with crosspiece and equipped with speed control and intermittent action timer. This is most suited for production plant of various plastic caps and molded parts where the works are fed in small quantity for a long period of time to the crusher of plastics molding machine. 
In order to facilitate the move through the narrow alley, all unnecessary parts were curtailed and the size was minimized to reduce weight. Even the female worker can move and install this easily. We could also set the price at a reasonable level.

As for the materials for each part, legs and side plates of conveyer are of SS400 with baked finish. Other parts where the products directly get in touch with are made of stainless steel. You can use this conveyer always in the clean state.
We are adopting made-to-order system in which the dimensions such as height of discharging position, size of hopper, conveyer width, etc., you may use this hopper without need for modifying your existing equipment.



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