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TS Conveyors - Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing

TS Conveyors - Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing

Why Choose Rexroth Conveyors?

• Leading supplier of assembly conveyors

• Includes automotive, electric, medical & appliance industries

• Customers include Apple, Ford, GM, Hewlett Packard, IBM & many more

• Online Solid Models & CAD Library

• Free layout software - MTpro

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Important Safety Notice

Please read an Important Conveyor Product Safety Announcement

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Verification of Ground Connectivity

New! TS5 Powered Roller Conveyor

Download our TS5 Powered Roller Conveyor Brochure

Select a Conveyor System

Our pallet based conveyors are divided into 3 categories based on pallet size and 
item weight. Use the links below to find the best conveyor system for your application:

·         TS1 Conveyors - for payloads to 3kg

·         TSplus Conveyors - for payloads to 70kg

·         TS4plus Conveyors - for payloads to 250kg

·         TS5 Conveyors - for payloads to 300kg

·         TS 2pv Conveyors - for transport of solar panels

Download Resources

·         TS1 Catalog

·         TSplus Catalog

·         TS4plus Catalog

·         TS5 Catalog

·         Ts 2pv Catalog

Download 2D/3D CAD Files

·         TSplus CAD files

·         TS4plus CAD files

·         TS1 CAD files

Service Information

Request a Tune-up

Contact TS Conveyor support at 269.697.5300 or paul.zielbauer@boschrexroth-us.com

Spare Parts

Download Preventive Maintenance Guide

TS1 Spare Parts

TS2-2C Spare Parts

TS3 Spare Parts

TS4 Spare Parts

TS4plus Spare Parts

Get MTpro - includes spare parts information (for current, catalog level conveyors)


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